Your home is one of your greatest investments. It is where memories are made, families grow old, and can be a safe haven for long exhausting days. Keeping your home in tip-top shape should be a top priority in order to keep it lasting for years to come. Part of your regular maintenance schedule should be inspecting your roofing system. Whether you feel comfortable doing regular maintenance or hiring a trusted roofing company to do so, there will be times of repair or replacement needs to be done. 

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Who can you trust to assist with your roofing needs? We will explore some things to consider when finding a trustworthy contractor.


There are many West Palm Beach area roofing companies to choose from. The search may be daunting. You need a company that has been involved in the roofing industry for years, has a history of success, and can be trusted with honest service. How do you find that company? Neal Roofing and Waterproofing have done just that. They have been servicing the area for over 50 years and whether the job is big or small, they treat each project with the utmost level of professionalism you expect. Your home’s safety and satisfaction are our top priorities. 


Closely related to reliability is a positive reputation. You want a company that your friends and neighbors have trusted with their own roofing projects. Our reviews from those in your community speak for themselves. Such comments as “professional”, “honest”, “impeccable craftsmanship”, and “exceptionally well managed” are common among reviews from your neighbors. 

Local Construction Concerns

West Palm Beach offers summers filled with hot, oppressive, wet weather while winters are comfortable, humid, and windy. Tropical storms and hurricanes also provide their own challenges. These weather patterns can be problematic for some, but hiring a local company that lives and understands these conditions is advantageous when it comes to the maintenance and upkeep of your roofing system. 

Be sure to ask if the contractor has experience with local laws and regulations. All work on roofs is highly dangerous. Proper precautions are needed to control any potential risk. Hire a trained, competent company knowledgeable in safe practices. Inquire that the company understands the local permits needed to properly perform the job. 

Trusted roofing contractor in West Palm Beach


When you hire a local roofing company West Palm Beach, you are ensuring that your dollars remain local. This assists with the economy of your community, not to mention the locals are hired to work. These people you support have children that attend the same schools your children attend. They pump gas at the same stations, and purchase their groceries at the same stores. There is a level of care and consideration when we support each other. We, at Neal Roofing, have fallen in love with South Florida as much as you have and we are committed to helping local homeowners make the most of their beloved dwellings. (How to hire a roofing contractor?)

Whether it is a small patch-up job, or a full roof replacement, we are dedicated to servicing your every roofing need from start to finish. We are trusted, dependable and deliver safe practices when it comes to your home. We stand out among our competitors and strive for excellence with every roofing project. Contact us today and learn the difference.